BAD BOYS Odor Killer / 500ml

BAD BOYS Odor Killer / 500ml


Product for removing odours of organic origin (smell of sweat, urine, food, animal odours, tobacco smoke, etc.) Perfect for a car, home or office.

  • Usage:

    • shake before use; spray on to the surface with a trigger;
    • remove any remaining product with a microfiber cloth, do not rinse;
    • recommend usage immediately before general upholstery washing.


    • achieve the best results by applying the product directly to the source of the odour;
    • do not apply on the skin and do not ingest;
    • do not soak the material with the product,
    • it may result in stains;
    • it does not remove the odour of gasoline and other solvents;
    • before first use
    • test the product in a less visible place;
    • do not expose to freezing, overheating or UV radiation;
    • store in a dry and cool place at 5–25℃;
    • keep out of reach of children.