Meguiar's® Ultimate Quik Wax / 450ml

Meguiar's® Ultimate Quik Wax / 450ml


Wax fast! And without any of the white mess that lesser spray waxes leave. In just minutes, get results you'd expect from liquid or paste waxes. Spectacular shine, lasting protection, relentless water-beading and ease of application that will leave you amazed! No Shade? No problem! Meguiar's proprietary new wax chemistry allows you to wax anywhere, even in full sun. And with Meguiar's® Hydrophobic Polymer Technology, you'll get Meguiar's relentless water-beading protection that lasts for weeks!

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  • Meguiar's® Ultimate Quik Wax

    Meguiar's® Hydrophobic Polymer Technology provides relentless water-beading protection that lasts for weeks

     Will not leave a white wax residue on exterior plastic and trim pieces

     Quick and easy-to-use spray, simply mist-on and wipe-off, and can be applied in full sun

     Safe and effective on all painted surfaces, including clear coats

     Provides a spectacular shine, lasting protection, and relentless water-beading in one easy step

     Meguiar's longest lasting protection from a spray wax




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