Meguiar's® Ultimate Waterless Wheel & Tire / 709ml

Meguiar's® Ultimate Waterless Wheel & Tire / 709ml


Meguiar’s Ultimate Waterless Wheel & Tire allows you to quickly give your wheels and tires a just cleaned and dressed finish in one simple step. A car is not completely detailed unless the wheels and tires are done too. With this all-new formula, you can quickly and easily clean your wheels and tires while leaving tires with a moderately glossy appearance. Power through brake dust, road grime and dirt that accumulates from daily usage without using water. Simply spray your wheels and tires, and wipe down your wheels. Then, leave your tires alone and you’re left with a dark, rich shine and UV blockers that help protect your wheels and tires. Clean wheels, dress tires and protect both in just a matter of minutes!

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  • Meguiar's® Ultimate Waterless Wheel & Tire

    TWO-IN-ONE: Tire and wheel cleaner and tire shine in one

     ONE EASY STEP: Wipe away brake dust & road grime with one easy step

     MORE THAN A TIRE SHINE: Premium gloss enhancers leave your tires glossy with a dark, rich shine

     MAINTAIN WITHOUT WATER: Quick and convenient way to maintain wheels and tires without water

     UV PROTECTION: UV blockers help to protect wheels & tires from the elements




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