Mequiar's Deep Crystal Ultra Paint Coating / 60ml

Mequiar's Deep Crystal Ultra Paint Coating / 60ml


Meguiar's® Deep Crystal Car Wash contains special sudsing ingredients to safely and effectively remove loose dirt and contaminants without stripping wax protection. Dishwashing detergents strip wax protection and leave paint vulnerable to the elements. Our non-streaking formula will safely brighten your paint and leave a dazzling finish.

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  • Mequiar's Deep Crystal Ultra Paint Coating / 60ml

    • The professional coating system for long-term paint protection.
    • Creates a dramatic hydrophobic effect that forces water into beads and repels them from the surface.
    • Protects the paint from acid rain, industrial fallout, UV damage and marring from surface abrasion.
    • Creates a sacrificial barrier that does not haze, crack or peel even under extreme conditions.
    • New polymer enhanced siloxane formula delivers tough hydrophobic protection and extreme durability.
    • Increased resin content for darker gloss after application.
    • Dedicated applicator for even application and streak reduction.
    • Packaging: 2oz/60ml material, applicator pad, microfiber towel, protection gloves.




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