Mequiar's Top Coat / 473ml

Mequiar's Top Coat / 473ml


A great product to enhance the protection of the paint job of your vehicle and the hydrophobic properties of the bodywork. .

It is a professional product that deepens the depth, color and polish of the lacquer and forms aceramic protection.

At the same time, it allows the creation of water droplets that run off the surface faster.

The application is very fast and easy.

Key features of Meguiar's Deep Crystal Top Coat Cleaner Professional product for strengthening hydrophobic properties Enhances the depth and gloss of the paint Supports ceramic protection.

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  • Mequiar's Top Coat / 473ml

    Easy application Meguiar's Deep Crystal Top Coat Cleaner Procedure:

    For best results, apply in the shade, to a clean and cool surface. Before applying, we recommend washing your car with a Meguiar's pH-neutral shampoo.

    Spray directly on a surface treated with Meguiar's Deep Crystal Coating.

    After a few seconds, lightly wipe the  microfiber towel.

    Extreme hydrophobic effect will be restored after the product has fully driedon the surface.

    This can take up to 24 hours in normal conditions. Do not expose the vehicleto water during this time (eg. rain) and do not wash it.




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