Coilover Kit MTS Technik for BMW 3 Series / E36 Coupe

  •  High quality confirmed by a 2-year warranty without a mileage limit.
  •  Suspension components characterized by increased corrosion resistance and made of the highest quality materials.
  •  Specially selected type of thread and a wide range of suspension adjustment allows optimal setting of the car height.
  •  Adjustable Shock Absorbers protected by a double layer of gold zinc and adjustments made of anodized aluminum guaranteeing increased corrosion resistance.
  •  Coilover Kit includes springs made by Eibach, the world leader in the sports springs industry.
  •  Innovative hexaCOIL spring perch, significantly increasing the comfort of suspension height adjustment.
  •  Pressurized gas presses the hydraulic fluid, eliminating the "foaming" effect of the oil (an undesirable and typical for oil shock absorbers phenomenon), which means higher efficiency for continuous, intensive work.
  •  The use of twin-tube technology guarantees stable shock absorber performance.

    - Part.NO MTSGWBM01

    Axle Load FA:

    900 kg

    Axle Load RA:

    1220 kg

    Lowering FA:

    40-80 mm

    Lowering RA:

    40-80 mm

    TUV Certificate

    Installation manual


    BMW 3 Series Sedan/Coupe E36. (07/1992 – 10/1999) All Engines excl. M3

    BMW 3 Series Touring/Cabrio E36 - (07/1992 – 10/1999) All Engines excl. M3



    2 Year warranty 



    MTS Technik



    1 - When the adjustable spring seat is set too low according the catalogue, all guarantuees will be withdrawn.

    2 - Front and rear axle height adjustable (threaded shock absorber housing on the front, dampers, springs and height adjustable elements on the rear).

    3 - Not for 4x4.

    4 - While installing the suspension with original wheels and tyres, wheelspacers might be necessary.

    5 - Including M-Technik.

    6 - For models up to 06/92 it is necessary to change the top mounts from vehicles manufactured after 06/92.s manufactured after 06/92.