RRC Active Foam 5L

RRC Active Foam 5L


Active Foam is highly concentrated product for a safe pre-wash. This high-foaming pre-wash loosens and removes road grime from the surface of the paint prior to washing the vehicle. It is completely pH neutral, does not contain strong cleaning agents and is ceramic coating and wax safe. It is neutral pH.

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  • RRC Active Foam 5L

    Instructions for use:

    Mix Active Foam with water at a 1:10 dilution ratio. For higher foaming, a higher concentration can be used and this product is safe even at a 1:1 dilution ratio.

    Apply active foam to a dry vehicle, starting from the bottom working your way up.

    Leave the foam to dwell for a few minutes to soften and loosen the dirt.

    Rinse the vehicle, preferably with the help of a pressure washer, again starting from the bottom and working upwards.

    After the vehicle has been thoroughly rinsed, move on to the washing stage (e. g. two bucket method using the RRC Shampoo).



    Store in a cool, dry place at 5 – 25 °C.

    Do not let this product freeze and do not overexpose to UV or allow to overheat.

    Do not allow to dry on the surface. Always replace the cap and do not allow the product to dry out.

    Before applying the “Active Foam”, make sure the surface to be cleaned is cool to the touch and do not wash the car in direct sunlight.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    This product is for professional use.




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