RRC Interior Detailer 5L

RRC Interior Detailer 5L


Interior Cleaner cleans and protects plastic surfaces quickly and easily. It restores crisp and original look, unique formula repels dirt, protects plastics from excessive dust deposition and leaves the surface resistant to finger prints .

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  • RRC Interior Detailer 5L

    Product characteristics:

    - a mild preparation for cleaning internal plastics

    - safe pH

    - brings out the depth of color

    - restores surface to factory fresh look

    - leaves a protective anti-static layer

    - wild berry fruit scent

    - safe for the surface to be cleaned

    - ready to use


    Instructions for use:

    - Shake the bottle before use

    - spray the surface from a distance of approx. 15 cm or apply with a microfiber towel

    - thoroughly work the sprayed surface with a microfiber cloth

    - repeat these steps if necessary

    - after having cleaned the surface with the Interior Detailer, we recommend the Interior Dressing application to preserve plastic and to restore the depth of color



    - Store in a cool, dry place at 5-25° C

    - Do not let this product freeze and do not overexpose to UV or allow to overheat.

    - Do not allow to dry on the surface.

    - make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool to the touch before applying

    - Keep out of reach of children!




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